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The Maverick MTX-243 is a lightweight pistol style radio with a steering wheel control for realistic driving and a trigger control for intuitive acceleration and braking of your car. For safety, the MTX-243 uses the latest 2.4GHz radio technology to make the radio signal nearly impervious to signal leakage or interference, and for ultimate peace of mind you can set the MRX-243 receiver to use the extra-safe failsafe function, useful just in case of a loss of signal.

Ergonomic pistol grip design
Easy access to dials & switches
No external aerial to bend or break
Lightweight due to using only 4 AA batteries
Realistic steering wheel
Forward-reverse trigger function
Steering & throttle trim dials
Steering & throttle end point (EPA) adjustment for ultimate fine-tuning
Steering & throttle reverse switches make it easy to use the radio in different models
Convenient charging point removes need to take batteries out of radio for charging
Bright power LED light
Use with #MV22716 MRX-243 2.4 GHz 3Ch Receiver only


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