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Point. Push a button. Read the results – one second later!

It’s that easy to check temperatures with the FlashPoint infrared temperature gauge.

This infrared thermometer can help you detect and correct potential engine problems early for a long, powerful life… and make sure that your sealing iron is set at the best heat for your covering film. Carry it with you for use anytime, anywhere – to check combustion engines, electric motors, battery packs and much more!

Palm-sized, 1.13 ounce infrared thermometer unit requires NO direct contact with heated surfaces.
Reads a very wide temperature range, from –27 to +428°F (–33 to +220°C).
Special mode settings let you find, hold and display minimums and maximums of fluctuating temperatures to provide the most accurate information.
Auto-off timer preserves battery power by shutting down the unit after 15 seconds if not used.
Infrared temperature gauge features a large, custom-designed LCD for easy viewing.
Size: 0.7 x 1.5 x 2.7″
Handy wrist strap and lithium battery included.


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