4794 VINTAGE DRIFT TIRE 26mm (TYPE B/2pcs)


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Must use with 26mm (Narrow) Vintage Wheel Series/Type B/2pcs


Lose your grip with the stylish Vintage Drift Tyre from HPI! Available in 26mm and 31mm widths, now you can fit realistic-looking drift tyres with your retro muscle car bodyshell for the coolest look on the street!

It’s easy to get into drift action with your vintage style bodyshell, just strap on a set of HPI Vintage Drift Tyres!

#4794 VINTAGE DRIFT TIRE 26mm (TYPE B/2pcs)
#4798 VINTAGE DRIFT TIRE 31mm (TYPE B/2pcs)

These are a special hard plastic type tyre that is ideal for drift drivers who are new to intermediate level. The extremely hard compound makes it easy to break traction and get your machine sideways and get maximum drift angle as you clip the apex.

Note about Vintage tyre/wheel fitment: because of a smaller internal diameter, the Vintage Drift Tyres will only fit HPI Vintage Wheels.

Sold in pairs. Drift tires do not require foam inserts.


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