30509LH R/C EP FORMULA CAR Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-22 No.2 SP Limited (without Transmitter)

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OBS 27mHz radio krävs.



Formula machine packed with special features for extra speed and without transmitter.
The one and only palmtop racing machine with both performance and ultra-real styling.
With a chassis only 182mm long, who could believe an advanced R/C Formula-1 racer like this could fit on the palm of your hand! Featuring a high-frequency FET speed controller that delivers powerful yet sensitive traction control and brake function, as well as providing precise steering response that allows drivers to show all their skills. Only four AAA-size alkaline batteries are needed to provide about 1 hour run time and a huge range of optional parts and Officially-licensed bodies and color schemes bring out the excitement of real F-1 racing. The SP Limited version also includes special racing parts for drivers on a quest for ever more speed. Packaged without transmitter, the SP Limited makes an ideal 2nd or 3rd machine for your high-performance lineup.

< Transmitter-less Chassis Set Contents >
●Fully factory assembled chassis with R/C system (with brake & reverse) and linkages installed.
●Pre-painted plastic body complete with graphics
●Pinion Gears – 4 types
●Removable clear bumper
●Wheel Wrench

■Tread (F/R)
190g (approx.)

< Required for operation >
●AA-sized batteries x 8 for transmitter
●AAA-sized batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH) x 4 for chassis



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